New approaches in the art of hospitality

 The little napkin, reaching new heights

Say goodbye to long formal dinners, make way for friendly gatherings!

Leave long formal dinners behind! Make way for fun and colourful aperitif, cocktail and brunch parties! Table dining is becoming more spacious, offering more enticing selections to suit the busy lives of a budding “work hard, play hard”generation.

With over 30 years’ experience, Françoise Paviot, the French specialist in disposable non-woven table linen, has been tracking business growth and is seeing a significant increase in cocktail napkin sales. This developing market share is, most likely, a reflection of new approaches to sharing a meal and a shift in behaviour at table.


Finger food, a special guest à table

Traditional meals are being overtaken by less formal affairs, with just as much creativity, flavour and tempting presentations to feast the eyes. Rather than opting for classic dining table settings, low and high tables create a warm and convivial atmosphere to showcase a wealth of simple and sophisticated culinary delights in all forms and colours.

Picking, nibbling and eating with your fingers has become an indulgent pleasure and a trend that’s spreading fast in restaurants as well as at home. Little cocktail napkins are replacing forks and spoons to mop up any tiny accidents such as a greasy splash on trousers or a tricky anchovy that got away …

Breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, aperitifs or cocktails… in fact any time of the day is an opportunity to enjoy tapas, canapes, toast bites, glass verrines, bruschetta, pastries, mini skewers and more.

You may think that this style of eating comes straight from the US. However, many traditional recipes throughout the world have always been food at your fingertips. Finger food is not only popular for its simplicity. It may also be because it offers freedom to eat at your own pace, to your own taste and, to eat as much or as little as you desire.

Cocktail napkins, the key to dressing your party table with success

Cocktail napkins take pride of place in the midst of delicious dishes and a party hubbub of laughter and fun.

According to Marie-Laure Reymond, the co-director of this family-run business, a napkin design must meet certain criteria.  She says “Cocktail napkins are always carefully selected as they are a reflection of what the party planner wants to portray.  Whether a classic, fun or contemporary design, they are a key element of any table decoration”.

They may feature themed motifs such as the “Eiffel Tower” or “Flags” in a country’s colours, perfect for a big match event over drinks with friends.