Spring / Summer Collection 2020

For this spring, Françoise Paviot promises us an eclectic new collection. An explosion of vibrant colours and varied inspirations, gives you the chance to have fun playing around with your own style.Give your summer evening celebrations a jungle vibe where tigers reign supreme. Or, perhaps opt for refined dining in floral elegance. The choice knows no boundaries!

The 2020 collection is an ode to Provence. Fra- grant lavender returns to our tables presenting the charms of yesteryear, so sought after today. As we leave winter behind, blossoming mimosa brightens up porcelain and ceramic tableware on sun-drenched terraces.
Subtle and natural greens feature heavily. In- tense and bluish-green hues create the perfect harmony for stylish poolside dining. Meanwhile, olive greens naturally blend into their surroun- dings whether indoors or out in the garden.

“Afro-deco” napkins in shimmering graphic de- signs are presented in warm, bold terracotta shades, created from a blend of luxury natural materials.

The Françoise Paviot collection aims to create a delightful and generous ambiance to mark any special family occasion with exceptional table decor designs. Weddings, birthdays and all celebrations are made easy, accentuated with flo- ral napkins in pastel and traditional shades or even with personalised motifs.