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Disposable non-woven linens

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1. Thirty years of success à la française: like mother, like daughters
2. A tailor-made history for the monuments and museums of France
3. Disposable linens: setting tables free
4. The international market
5. 2021 Spring/Summer Collection : The Wonders of Nature
6. Françoise Paviot: key facts 

30 years of success à la française

Like mother, like daughters
With discretion and persistence, the Françoise Paviot company has remained firmly committed to preserving its uniquely French savoir-faire.

Born in Lyon, where fabric is king, founder Françoise Paviot anticipated the rapid evolution of women’s lifestyles as they began to receive guests more simply and spontaneously, but with a desire to keep a certain touch of style in their table settings.

Following in their mother’s footsteps, Valérie and Marie-Laure have always sought to continue designing and manufacturing their products in France.

Their flexibility in adapting to new trends, their excellent knowledge of their customers’ expectations, and top-of-the-range airlaid quality have allowed them to establish themselves as a leader in their market.

Each year, new collections reflect the latest trends and establish themselves as top sellers for major retailers in France and abroad.

Known as solid “leader” products in retail aisles due to customers’ tendency to buy them repeatedly, even loyally, Françoise Paviot disposable table linens have gradually become an essential part of table décor.

A tailor-made history for the restaurants and museums / castles of France

In 2003, the famous MoMA (New York) approached the Lyon-based company to produce napkins for the museum’s boutique and restaurant.

Marie-Laure Paviot-Reymond then thought that her creations could also be of interest to museums and castles in France for their shops or events.

The brand perfectly matches the positioning of these prestigious places, which are looking to offer elegantly illustrated souvenirs, in line with the French creative environment appreciated by French and foreign visitors alike.

Useful and original souvenirs, non-woven napkins or cocktail napkins are effective vehicles for communication. The French com- pany has thus been entrusted with the manu- facture of napkins for many renowned places. The designs of the Diane de Poitiers Gardens in Chenonceau, the Royal Castle in Amboise, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Le Clos Lucé etc. can therefore brighten up the cocktails and dinners of visitors from all over the world!

Disposable linens 

Setting tables free

Now considered an indispensable accessory for cocktails and parties, paper napkins have found their place on even the finest tables, and have become an almost essential decorative touch at events of all kinds.

Françoise Paviot is partly responsible for this success and distributors have been following in their footsteps for 30 years now. Their customers are drawn in by the diversity of prints and by the “nonwoven” material used in these disposable table linens, with a texture and feel of fabric-like quality.

The art of the table gains a new kind of liberty, and tables are set free, inspiring the imaginations of creative hosts everywhere. With the napkins colors and patterns set- ting the tone, the atmosphere at a dinner may become festive in silver or gold, sophisticated with animals patterns. This year nature and animals finds there ways onto our tables.

The international market

The Françoise Paviot brand: a presence in largest stores, internationally

Françoise Paviot has established a presence from Paris to Tokyo. This French company has gained a foothold on 4 continents with its unique combination of chic elegance and disposable convenience.

Its success is also the result of a development strategy initiated by Marie-Laure. After starting her international career in Germany and Canada, the younger sister returned to join the family business. Inspired by her passion for travel, she quickly understood the need to export the products designed by Valérie beyond the borders of their native France.

Major retailers in London, Milan and Los Angeles – along with institutions like the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), for which the brand created its own special edition – are part of a large customer base that appreciates the unique savoir-faire of this 100% French company.

The collection Spring/Summer 2021

The Wonders of Nature
Collection The Spring / Summer 2021 collection puts nature in the spotlight. Inspired by our gardens of yesteryear, the French brand’s designs also introduce new exotic shades going all the way to the African savannah. 

There will be taste and colour at our tables from springtime! Tomatoes, courgettes and peaches will make our mouths water and set the tone for vegetarian meals. Inspired by a resolutely modern and individual spirit with their ethnic and graphic motifs, Françoise Paviot creations will bring a personal touch to our brunches, cocktails and picnics in the warm summer evenings. 

Capsule Collection

A stolen moment of freedom
The Françoise Paviot capsule collection is a breath of air, a desire for freedom expressed through the flight of birds and butterflies. The colours trace arabesques as they intertwine with the flowers…

Françoise Paviot: key facts 

Established in: 1992 
Founder: Françoise Paviot 
Current directors: Valérie Paviot-Sturlèse, Marie-Laure Reymond 
Headquarters: Lyon FRANCE 

Activities: Creation, production, distribution > B2B & Hotel and catering 

Products: Table linens made of airlaid (nonwoven material halfway between fabric and cotton wool), tablecloths, place mats, Dinner-size 40×40 napkins, Cocktail size 25×25 napkins, tear-off napkins. 

Retail distributors: Department stores, major retail chains, home décor specialists and shops, and more

Used in more than 100 hotels and restaurants 

International presence: Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA, England, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Belgium, and more 

Additional service: Customised productions

Example customers: le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, Alinéa, Truffaut… 

Custom work or special editions: MOMA (NY), Monoprix, Habitat, Alinéa,…