French touch success

With discretion and persistence, the Françoise Paviot company has remained firmly committed to preserving its uniquely French savoir-faire. Born in Lyon, where fabric is king, Françoise Paviot’ founder anticipated the rapid evolution of women’s lifestyles as they began to receive guests more simply and spontaneously, but with a desire to keep a certain touch of style in their table settings.

Following in their mother’s footsteps, Valérie and Marie-Laure have always sought to continue designing and manufacturing their products in France.Their flexibility in adapting to new trends, their excellent knowledge of their customers’ expectations, and top-of-the-range airlaid quality have allowed them to establish themselves as a leader in their market.

Each year, new collections reflect the latest trends and establish themselves as top sellers for major retailers in France and abroad.

Known as solid “leader” products in retail aisles due to customers’ tendency to buy them repeatedly, even loyally, Françoise Paviot disposable table linens have gradually become an essential part of table décor.