This winter, every day will be a celebration !

Who cares if we’re in for a long winter, because every day is a celebration with Françoise Paviot. With a single gesture, it works its magic and tables are transformed. You don’t need to have spent the whole summer hunting around antique shops to find these beautiful vintage notes again, when the cold sets in. Find the seventies motifs in shimmering colours, which friends love in Parisian dinners.

This year, at Françoise Paviot, we see life through gold-coloured glasses.

The Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 collection is sparkling with explosions of good humour in gold and silver. You will love these pretty delicately graphic baubles for an elegant festive season. The tables will be airy, light and refined in hot air balloons.

The traditional small red sledges will be on hand, back at the chalet, for cosy teatime treats around the fire. At Christmas, everything is possible, classic or exotic, shooting stars or blue lagoon, the tables are also heading off to other horizons. A tribute to the great master Leonardo da Vinci for the 500th anniversary of his death at Le Clos Lucé, is spelled out…