2018/2019 Autumn/Winter collection in the stores !

Enchanting inspiration from here and elsewhere.

The 2018–2019 collection is inspired both by journeys to the Slavic countries and our childhood memories, suffused with the warm light of summer parties.

The shimmering colors adorn our tables with magic touches through the non-woven serviettes, the ultimate finishing touch sought after by the Brand designer.

Animals are back once again, in both regal and delicate forms, such as the fawn and the British bulldog, recalling the subtle elegance of Nature and lending a tenderness to our dinner parties.

In chalets nestled in the French mountains, the serviettes tell tales of fun-packed ski ou¬tings, while enjoying a comforting supper.

Françoise Paviot always celebrates Christmas with elegance and magnificence.

Red and gold baubles light up the festive tables. Those seeking the more traditional elements will find a jovial Father Christmas bringing his special touch of magic.